April 22, 2013

Kid's Clothes Week - Spring 2013

So I was procrastinating on Facebook (as I do all to often) and came across this really fun idea. It is called Kid's Clothes Week. What it is is a challenge to sew for kiddos at least one hour a day for a week (7 days). Well since I do that already I jumped on board! But to make it a challenge for me, I am going to blog about what I do in the sewing room each day. Yeap... I'm going to blog for seven days straight. You don't believe me do you? Hahaha.

I will most likely post about each day on the following day. So Day 1 is today, but I will post about it tomorrow. So make sure you check back every day to see what I am up to. I hope you guys enjoy a sneek peak into the craziness over here!

Head on over to the Kid's Clothes Week Blog and check out all the details. And if you sew, join me! I'd love to hear about your adventures as well.

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