March 18, 2014

Button Storage Improvement

If you been around for a while, you know that I have a love for all things button! And long ago Miss Amy over at Brownie-Goose (you know my favorite pattern designer) posted a picture of all of her buttons lined up by color in these adorable little baby food jars. I mean it was cuteness overload. And then I remembered all of these baby food jars I had my sister in law keep for me that where stashed only god knows where. So after some digging, I find those cute little jars and begin to fill them with all my fun button finds.

Fast forward 2 years and things have gotten majorly out of control. You know that button obsession means that I collect them much faster than they get used (darn JoAnn and their 50% off button sales!). They where literately taking over my ledge behind my sewing machines. Then I get an email from DecorSteals and there are these stacked lazy susans. A light bulb goes off instantly. I rush to the website and guess what... they are sold out of the 3 tier option. Of course! So what little light bulb goes off next... oh I just make my own. So off to Pintrest I go and find these pins: