May 2, 2013

Pattern Review - Lazy Susan by Brownie-Goose

I can not tell you how excited I am to release this post today. I was over the moon when I was selected by my favorite designer to pattern test her new pattern. I mean I was riding on a high for days telling everyone (I'm sure most of my friends thought I was crazy). And when I found this fabric, I just knew it was going to be amazing. So I introduce the Summer Bloom Set! Now available in the shop

This adorable top was made using the newest pattern from Brownie-Goose... The Lazy Susan. Here is my pattern review. 

My Details:

Fabric used - I used cotton fabric for this little outfit. I just fell in love with this fabric! Isn't it amazing?!

Time - This took me about 1.75 hours. That includes reading the pattern thoroughly, printing, cutting, tapping, tracing out my size, cutting fabric, and construction. This is a round about guess as I was making the shorts at the same time. 

Pattern Designer:

I can not begin to explain how amazing Brownie-Goose patterns are. They are without a doubt my favorite patterns. They go together so quickly and easily. Yet they do not look simple. And they are even very entertaining. Every time I buy a new, the first thing I do is read through it entirely (I know you are suppose to do this anyways, but most of the time I do not... oh what a hard time my past students would give me if they knew!). But I read these because they are hilarious! 

The patterns are chalk full of photos of every detail. And the oh so talented Ms. Amy does an excellent job at making the written directions super simple. So if have been sewing for years or just starting out, you can not go wrong the a BG pattern.

This Pattern:

This pattern is BG's best to date if you ask me (and I have them all!). It is a basic boat neck little number, but it has tons and tons and tons of options. From top and dress lengths, optional flutter sleeves, optional banded skirt, to three (yes 3!) different bodice options. And the best part is there are very details instructions for every single variation. Check out Amy's post here to see all the options. My personal fav is the herringbone. I had every intention of making one, but didn't have the time with a sick little one on my hands. So my next project after these last few orders.

The different fabric on the inside of the flutter sleeve was an accident brought on by my not wanting to "waste" fabric. It is now one of my favorite parts!

Other features that I love about this pattern include:
  • A large range of sizes - 6-12M all the way to 10
  • Sizing guide to help you find the best fit.
  • Color coded, overlapping pattern pieces (and measurements for rectangles!)
  • Numbered pattern pages 
  • And did I mention it is fun to read :)

The fit (like all of her patterns) is great. The sizes are done in ranges (2/3, 4/5, etc.), so they will fit for an extended period of time, yet they are not awkwardly big or small. I don't know how she does it, but they are always a great fit on an shape and size of child. This specific pattern has the boat neck that does have a tendency to fall of J's shoulder every now and then, but she is on the small side of a 2 and a super skinny mini wearing a 2/3. And I think most boat necks have a tendency to shift a little anyways. 

The middle picture is J's "smell the flower" face! 
I paired this Lazy Susan top with another BG star... The Summer Sailor (to be reviewed shortly!). So all you mommas who sew head on over to the Brownie-Goose shop and get your Lazy Susan pattern that is being released today! And for all you non-sewers head on over to my shop to get this adorable little set for your little one! 

J's favorite part of the day was throwing rocks in the air. The last picture is her face as they hit her in the head!

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