November 24, 2012

Meeting Suzie

Suzie is J's elf who is visiting us until Christmas. If you don't already know what the new Elf on the Self tradition, you can can read all about it here. And to be honest, J might still be a little young for it, but I just can't resist getting in on the fun. So I will be sharing our adventures with you. I will try to remember to post our little lady every night on Facebook. And I will do a weekly wrap up her on the blog. I hope you enjoy our shenanigans. Here is the story of how Suzie arrived at our home. (As a side note, please excuse the messy hair... J was having a bad hair day).

J heard a knock on the door, and we all went to see who it might be. J was very excited to see a package on the front step. She quickly retrieved the package and brought it in to un-wrap it.

Oh What a Trip!

Oh what a trip indeed! For those of you that do not know, we made a surprise trip to Arkansas to visit our nephews, my SIL, and her husband. The recently moved out there and were unable to take all their furniture with them at the time. So me and the hubbs, along with J and my father-in-law, packed up a truck and our car and hit the road.

Of course I had the Bradley's Fun Day that Saturday (which was so amazing btw!) so we got a late start on Saturday. We stopped for the about halfway for the night and finished the rest of our trip in the morning. And of course we got lost (a regular occurrence for us it seems). So the surprise was spoiled, but we were all so happy to see each other.

November 1, 2012

Halloween 2012

What a fun day we had! We started the day with story time at The Bookshelf where we heard many Halloween inspired stories. And since Lucy and Leo's is in the same space, we couldn't leave without a cupcake. We ate them so fast, I forgot to take a picture. Next it was on to the pumpkin patch. We went to the same patch as last year and J even wore the same dress! She had a great time sitting on all the big pumpkins and picking out her small pumpkin to take home.