September 18, 2012

Fall 2012 Photo Shoot

Debuting the HootyCutie Designs Fall 2012 clothing line! The Honey Pie Collection

That's right it finally (almost) here. I am so excited to share this photo shoot with you all. The amazingly wonderful Mesa Cole captured some unbelievable shots! It was a crazy 2 hours, but boy did it pay off.

September 6, 2012

The Happs

Things have been crazy around here! Since the week before J's party until now I fell like we have been going non-stop. And I have been sewing like a mad woman! Between orders from the big the sale, the fall line (only one item left!), preparing for upcoming craft shows, and football season my machines have been smokin' almost literally... I had to replace a bulb and the new one was bad and blew the fuse to the whole room. Craziness!!

In other news, thanks to my new (to me) sewing machine from my wonderful grandmother, I officially own a Bernina! It has actually been a wonderful addition for me. I am now able to have two different machines set up for different purpose (like a double needle) and I am saving tons for time not having to switch things out constantly. Although I may need a larger table now...