July 27, 2012


Beautiful Rug
I found this beautiful run on Pintrest quite a while ago. For the life of me I can not find my original pin, and unfortunately all the pins I find now are mostly spam and do not link to the original post I read. I will continue to search for it.
Anyways, I had the oh so brilliant idea to make this rug for my living room. And as with many of my "brilliant" ideas, it came to a stand still after I had made a whooping 18 flowers. I just do not have the patience to work on large projects like this. I have way to great a need for instant results. And when I started to think about how I was going to connect them all (my plan was to get the anti-slip stuff and sew them onto it) and then how to keep it clean, that was the end of my brilliant plan.

So on to plan B... The problem: a large blank wall. The solution: casualties of my scraped rug. I had an old canvas in the bedroom (this makes the fourth or fifth time I have painted this canvas. It has really been worth the money at this point!) and come up with this idea for unique wall art to fill the large blank space.

And the great part is it was really simple to create. I used this the tutorial bellow to create my flowers. The only thing I did different was chain between 150 - 200 instead of the 52 it states making my flowers much larger. I love the fact that it was a large chain of petals, because I was able to adjust how tight I wound the flowers to give me slightly different looks. I also left my ends long and weaved them through the back of the flower to hold them together.  It is a great tutorial and very easy to follow.

 Source: pompomemporium.com via Niki on Pinterest 

I painted my canvas (one to hide the blue circles, and two to make it stand out againts our white walls). I used this antique gold paint by Martha Stewart simply because it was the best option from what I have in my stash. But I am actually very happy with this color. And I even like the brush stokes. It kind of reminds me of tree bark. To attach the flowers I used Elmer's spray adhesive. I am so in love with this stuff. (I actually use a light coat on my finished flower clips to keep the edges from fraying to much. Works wonderfully!) All I did was spray the canvas where I was going to place the flower and the slap the flower on. I was able to move the flowers around a little before the glue set so I could get them exactly how I wanted them.

Here is a wide angle shot so you can kind of get an idea of how it looks. One of the things I love about this new house is the architecture. Lots of angles and open spaces. And yes, I will be sharing the gallery wall with you very soon. Just have one more frame to hang and a few more pictures to put in the frames and it is done!

What do you think?

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  1. Great idea for crochet project left overs!!!