July 16, 2012

Recent Custom Orders

So apparently I put the pictures in this post back in early June and then forgot about it... oops :) Well better late than never (that is like my personal mantra these days!). Here are some of the not-so-recent custom orders. 

I love, love, love the way this pillowcase dress turned out. This lemon fabric is one of my favorites. It is perfect for summer. 

These dresses were created for an up coming wedding! They were really fun to create. Something very different from my normal routine. They are hand-dyed linen! (I foresee many more hand-dyeing adventures in my future) So breeze and truly beautiful in person. And the grey is for a little newborn... it really made my ovaries ache just looking at it!

And last but not least. This dress might be one of my all time favorites (yeah... I know I say that a lot). The colors are so fun and I just love this pattern from Brownie-Goose. The blanket and dress not on J were a baby shower gift for one of my very good friend's from high school new baby girl. The blanket is crochet on one side and fabric on the other. I love this combo... it's the best of both blanket words. Smooth from the fabric and fluffy from the yarn. It is perfect for the all tummy time to come. And I actually hand stitched the fabric to the blanket... can you believe it?! I had the patience to hand stitch something... pigs just might have flown that day.  

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