July 31, 2013

I need a Vacation from my Vacation!

My husbands handy camera work. Totally awesome right?! This is our cabin.
I just experienced the longest, shortest, craziest, busiest, most relaxing, month of my life. Between the Zulily event for HootyCutie, a visit from my nephews (and their parents... hehe), and an awesomely fun 2+ week family road-trip vacation (with a recently potty trained almost three year old!), I just don't know how to describe July 2013.

But I'm back and the outfits for Zulily made it out the door today and I am starting to feel like things might be starting to return to my normal form of crazy. I will be opening up my shop tomorrow, but I am going to be keeping it only ready to ship items for at least a few more days. I am making some decisions on what to work on next and I'm just not sure yet :) But on to the vacation!