August 27, 2012

Monster Bash!

I am so excited to share J's second birthday party with you. We had a excellent time at the party, but I really actually enjoyed prepping for this party as well. This year we went with a monster theme. My initial though was to do an under the sea party due to J's obsession with Nemo, but I am Nemoed out these days! I wanted to choose something really different anyways. I'm not really into all the tiaras and tea parties kind of stuff, and lets face it... these early parties are really more about what mommy likes anyways. Besides, I like giving my self (and the very talented Marcy with Magic by Marcy) a challenge (hehe). And after I found these adorable monsters from Kelly Medina Studios on Etsy I was set on monsters. (I changed the colors of these monsters)

August 22, 2012

Yarn Chandlers Tutorial

I have been gearing up for J's birthday party this weekend for a few weeks now. But this past weekend we kick it in high gear and started completing some of the projects I had on my to-do list. So I decided I would share some of the craft projects I did as a lead up to the big party post.
First up are these really fun yarn chandlers. You probably made a few of these growing up, but believe it or not this was my first time. It is very similar to paper mache which I actually did do once in school.
I have been planning on make these for quite some time. I crochet a blanket for J's new room a while back and have not made much progress on her room since. But now that I have these complete, I'm hoping it motivates me to get it finished. Anyways... on to the tutorial.
I actually got the idea from Pintrest (aww... don't you love Pintrest!). It came from the Hostess with the Mostest blog (which I love!). She does a good job of outlining the process. But I thought I would share my photos of the process as well.

August 21, 2012

Happy 2nd Birthday to J!

I can't believe that my little girl is two years old! It is amazing how much she has changed over this year. She went from a little baby to a little kid in the blink of an eye. She wasn't even walking at her first birthday, and now she is running and jumping all over the house! In the past two weeks she has had vocabulary explosion. We are gearing up for her party this weekend, so I have some fun tutorials for you this week. I will be sure to share her party here as well.

I am also working on the fall line. You may have seen some of the sneak peaks over on the Facebook page. I am having so much fun putting it together and I really hope you guys love it as much as I do. And the best part of all, Mesa Cole Photography will be photographing the line. I am so excited because I just love her work! So be on the look out for more information about the new line set to debut in early September.

I have also been working on some holiday dresses to have at the craft shows. I had lots of requests last year to have stuff ready to take home from the show. So wish granted. There will be tons of goodies (holiday and non) ready to go home with you! I will let you know as we get closer about the shows HCD will be at this year.

Well I'm off to work on some more outfits, then it is off to bed early tonight. I'm tuckered from all the celebrating with the birthday girl!