October 29, 2012

We're moving... AGAIN!

Yeap, you read that right. This will be our 3rd move in 27 months. What the hay! We have a running joke that every time I start decorating we move! You remember that awesome Photo Gallery Wall I created? We took it down tonight. It was kind of depressing. But I guess the fun news is I get to do it all over again (did I do a good job sounding excited?).

Every move has been very unexpected and very quick and this one is no exception. But we are always excited about each new chapter, including this one. And since we are pros at this by now and we have all month to make the move, I am hoping that it won't be too crazy. Don't worry, we are not leaving Tallahassee. We are just moving further north. As many of you know, the hubby works in Georgia so we are very excited to be a tad closer to shorten his drive. I can not tell you how wonderful it is going to be to have him home a little earlier every day!

October 22, 2012

Our Trip to NC

We just visited Statesville, North Carolina for a wedding this past weekend. Two of our very dear friends finally tied the knot! It was a long time in the making (they were engaged for 9 years!), but everything was absolutely beautiful. From the weather and gorgeous fall country side backdrop to the wedding decorations and the exquisite hand made wedding dress, everything was perfect. We are so excited for the two of them and wish them many, many more years of love and happiness.

And what better time of year for a visit. If you don't know already, I absolutely positively LOVE LOVE LOVE fall. It is by far my favorite season. I love the cool temperature (which allows me to wear my favorite piece of clothing... scarfs!). And I love the changing leaves... which we do not get here in Florida :(. So this weekend was a real treat for me. 

On Friday we took J to a beautiful park complete with a pond full of ducks! She just loved it.

October 9, 2012

This Week at HCD

As I sit here typing, I am enjoying the wonderfully cool breeze from my open window. Oh how I love fall. I wish there was a place on earth were the temperature was 65 every day of the year. I would so move there. But since there is not, I am enjoying every minute of this perfect weather while it lasts. I foresee many trips to the park in our near future.

I send out the monthly newsletter last week. Did you get yours? If not, you can check it out here. If you would like to receive them, fill out this form. In it, I shared that we will be traveling out of state for a wedding the weekend of Oct 20th. That means that my turn around time will increase to 2-3 weeks most likely starting next week. I also put a deadline of Oct 16th on all Halloween orders. So if you have been eyeing the Daphne or reversible Halloween/Thanksgiving dresses, get your booty in gear and order those babies!

This week I have been hard at work filling all the recent orders from the One Week Boutique and the tons and tons of Daphne dresses. (Who know they would be so popular?!)  But I am also working on  getting some new things together for the Mom's Time Out Fall Market this coming Sunday (Oct 14th). If you have not been to one of these events in the past, they are excellent. Bring the whole family or come alone for some stress free shopping. Either way you will have a great time. To find a list of all the vendors that will be there, check out the Facebook Event page here. It is being hosted by Earth Fare again this year, so you can get your fun on and then head straight on in to get your grocery shopping done. I hope you will come out and see me and and the many other wonderful moms at the event. 

Mom's Time Out Fall Market
Sunday October 14th
12 pm - 4 pm
Earth Fare - 2425 Apalachee Pkwy

Well I'm off to put J down for her nap and then it is back to the sewing table! See you this weekend. 

October 4, 2012

Burnin' the Midnight Oil

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My oh my have things been crazy around here! You ladies are keeping me busy in the sewing room and I love it. With the hubby out of town all of last week, I have been staying up much later than usual to work on orders. I'm beginning to feel like a college student staying up all night and sleeping in every morning. Ironically  I actually had mostly 8am classes and did not really do a whole lot of staying up late and sleeping in back then.
I've had tons of orders for Daphne dresses these past few weeks. You might remember quite a bit back when I shared this little number for a little girls birthday party. Well little did I know it would be such a hit. I had no idea there was that many little Scooby Doo fans out there! If you are interested in one of these dresses for your little one, please order ASAP. I am only going to do one more batch of these before Halloween. We have a wedding that we are going to in North Carolina the weekend of the 20th, so I will be taking some time off around then and will not be able to get another batch out before Halloween. I'm thinking the cut off date for orders will be the 16th.
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