April 14, 2014

KCW - Day 5, 6, & 7 Recap

So I totally slacked on the remainder of Kid's Clothes week. I did sew on days 5 & 6, but we had the air condition go out on the evening of day 6, so we spent a great deal of day 7 (including any sewing time I had) installing some window AC units so this prego lady could stay cool. So at least is was for a very good reason right?

Day 5 I made these adorable Darby Shorts (pattern from the ever amazing Brownie-Goose) to go with J's FSU Tilly (yet another fabulous Brownie-Goose pattern) that I made a while back for J. We were headed to the Garnet and Gold Game Saturday (day 6) and she has was in serious need of some new bottoms.

April 11, 2014

KCW - Day 4 Recap

Well I almost reached my goal. I finished the Elsa shirt redo and completed the Anna shirt as well. I got two pairs of shorts made to go with the Elsa mess-up for J and the redo for the order (well almost... I had to add the waistband and buttons this morning. Hence the late post). The only thing I didn't get done is the skirt to go with the Anna shirt. I kinda impressed myself. I haven't done that much sewing in one day since I found out I was prego!

April 10, 2014

KCW - Day 3 Recap

Day 3 is in the books. We had a busy day running errands, and I had a lot of work to do on the computer (technology is such a time black hole!). But I did manage to get in my sewing time working on my new embroidery machine that my hubby got me for my birthday! (He's just the best!)

I'm still learning, but I am loving it. I did have a few mishaps with this shirt. I caught the back of the shirt with the needle (I knew it was going to happen!). I only looked away from a second and bam! But I was able to save it making only a tiny hole in the back of the shirt. Then I see a teen-tiny little bug crawling on the design. I go to wipe it off and crush it leaving a tiny blood trail. Just perfect! So J gets a new shirt and I get to do the design all over again (which isn't so bad). (I found this and several other super cute princess inspired designs over at Lynnie Pinnie.)

April 9, 2014

KCW - Day 2 Recap

Hearts and Ladybugs Project
Day 2 went much better then day one! J was in serious need of some new pants. She is still such a skinny mini, but she is getting really tall. So all of her size 2 still fit, but were all 3 inches too short. So last week I had the hubby cut a bunch of pants projects out. Day 2's project... heart pants per J's request.

April 8, 2014

KCW - Day 1 Recap

Well yesterday did not go quite as planned. You may know that we made a trip to Disney over the weekend. Well between all the unpacking, laundry, and sheer exhaustion from the trip, I wasn't able to get into the sewing room for the hour. My compromise to meet the challenge... hand sewing! Well hand embroidery to be exact.

If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you may remember this photo I posted last week:

It is one of the four campers I am embroidering on the bottom of a skirt for the "Pink" dress J has requested. Hand embroidery is always something I have admired, but didn't think I had the patience for. But I started putting some small embroidery on the back pockets of pants and really enjoyed it. So I thought I would dive in with a big project! 

April 7, 2014

Kid's Clothes Week - Spring 2014

kid's clothes week

So if you have been around for a while you may remember this fun challenge that I did last year (if not, you can catch up here). It is called Kid's Clothes Week. It is a challenge to sew for kiddos for at least one hour a day for an entire week. You can learn more about it on their blog. It is a really great challenge and there are some really amazingly talented ladies who take part in it. And they best part is they share their creations in the KCW Community.

They do several challenges a year, but this is the first one I have been able to participate in since the very first one last spring! It is always on a week where we are out of town. So I am very excited to be participating again! I will be doing my blogging the day after just like a did last year, so look out for what I do today (day one) on the blog tomorrow.