April 9, 2014

KCW - Day 2 Recap

Hearts and Ladybugs Project
Day 2 went much better then day one! J was in serious need of some new pants. She is still such a skinny mini, but she is getting really tall. So all of her size 2 still fit, but were all 3 inches too short. So last week I had the hubby cut a bunch of pants projects out. Day 2's project... heart pants per J's request.
"That's so funny!"
I used the Lovely Rita Skinnies pattern from Shwin Designs. I just love her patterns. They are so unique. They are also very well written and true to size. This was the first time I had sewn the Ritas, so it took me a little longer. But the outcome was perfect. They are a little bigger in the legs than I hoped, but that is only because J is so supper skinny. 

"Look Mom, Pockets!!"
When I finished the pants, J said "I love them. Now make me a shirt please." Gotta love my little sassy girl. At least she said please right? So out came the ladybug fabric that she choose the last time we were at Hobby Lobby. She said it matched because it had hearts on it. She even choose the pattern she wanted. She choose the Olivia Top by Cali Faye. Yet another fabulous designer. I love her style as well. And her patterns are also well written and true to size. 

I tried out two new patterns today (not bad for one day's work). I didn't want to have this post be ridiculously long, so I only included a general review of the each pattern. I will try and get full reviews up sometime next week. 

Day 3 is off to a rough start (as you can tell by how late I'm getting this posted). So I'm off to try and get an hour in before I have to cook dinner! 

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