April 14, 2014

KCW - Day 5, 6, & 7 Recap

So I totally slacked on the remainder of Kid's Clothes week. I did sew on days 5 & 6, but we had the air condition go out on the evening of day 6, so we spent a great deal of day 7 (including any sewing time I had) installing some window AC units so this prego lady could stay cool. So at least is was for a very good reason right?

Day 5 I made these adorable Darby Shorts (pattern from the ever amazing Brownie-Goose) to go with J's FSU Tilly (yet another fabulous Brownie-Goose pattern) that I made a while back for J. We were headed to the Garnet and Gold Game Saturday (day 6) and she has was in serious need of some new bottoms.

Day 6 was another busy day, so I didn't exactly get much done in the sewing room, but I did work for an hour on J's Pink Dress project. Hand embroidery is counting in my book this go around.

Kid's Clothes Week is always a fun project and I am so glad I was finally able to participate again. Looking forward to the next go around!

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