April 29, 2013

KCW - Day 7 Recap

I did it! I completed the Kid's Clothes Week challenge AND my personal challenge to blog for seven days straight (technically 8 if you include my announcement post!). Yay me!

Day 7 was very productive. I complete quite a number of pieces for outstanding orders (I am beginning to see the end in sight with orders). I finished several of the final pieces for this amazing order for one (yes one!) very lucky little cutie. She is staring her HCD collection off with a bang.

And you may notice those matching pants I was telling you about in yesterday's post... aren't they adorable?

I'm hoping to finish my last few orders today and tomorrow and be on to summery items. I am planning on using up some of my fabric that I have on hand, so there will only be a few of each new style available and they will all be ready to ship. I also plan on create my 4th of July outfits this week as well. So make sure you are a Fan on Facebook, and make sure that you are receiving my post in your newsfeed by hovering over the like button and selecting show in newsfeed (oh complicated facebook!).

I hope you had a good time getting some sneak peeks "behind the seams" (hehe) this week. I have really enjoyed sharing with you all. I will not be able to continue everyday (it does take away from my much needed sewing time), but I think I may start doing a weekly "behind the seams" post. What do you guys think?

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