April 26, 2013

KCW - Day 4 Recap

Did you think I forgot to post? Ugh. What a day today has been already. The little one is sick again! And guess when she woke up today? 6AM! Needless to say I was not able to get much done this morning.

Yesterday was a pretty good day though. I was able to make a dress in the morning (which of course I did not take pictures of before I sent it off). And then we were off to our little photo shoot. J pitched a fit when I got her dress in her new adorable little outfit and I thought great... this is going to to go swimmingly  But when we got to the park she was all smiles and hamming it up for mommy. What a little professional (hahaha). I'm not quite ready to show you her new amazingly adorable outfit, but here is a little teaser. I am so in love with this photo that I can't not share it!

We also took pictures of my new character dress. If you were hanging out with me on Facebook yesterday you already saw the new Velma Dress. It came out even more adorable than I thought it would. I just love it. It is available in my Etsy shop.

I also finished up this little outfit for a handsome birthday man. Sorry for the terrible picture, I took it at night in my oh so awful lighting quickly before it whet out the door.

It was made to match this amazing invitation/party set for the talented Magic by Marcy. Isn't it just too much on the cuteness scale?! I am loving it!

Retro Mustache Bash  First  Birthday digital Invitation 

Ok. I am off to try and get some sewing done before the little one wakes up. Talk to you guys tomorrow. 

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