April 24, 2013

KCW - Day 2 Recap

Back again. And as much as I hate to say it, I think this new scheduled is working out. I hate waking up early, but the several hours of uninteruptedness (yes I made up that word) is kinda AWESOME!

Yesterday was rather productive. I completed 4 dresses (well one is a top, but just as time consuming) and made a trip to JoAnn. Not bad for a days work.

1 - I couldn't resist a little something sweet waiting to checkout at JoAnn
2 - My favorite part of the Dainty Mint Dress
3 - My accomplishments for the day - the mint dresses still need buttons
And I just had to share these pictures of J hamming it up a JoAnn! 
Mustard Seed Dress
Today I will be working on a pattern that I am test for my fav designer! I finally found the perfect fabric, and I can not wait to have it finished and show it to you all. But not yet... I will be doing a pattern review for you all when the pattern is released. Although I may not be able to resist a few sneak peaks here and there (hehe). I am also hoping to finish up some Daphne dresses that I have orders for. So I am off to sew.


  1. So fun that she was enjoying Jo-Anns, my kids turn into the biggest hooligans at that store :)

    1. She loves it (most of the time). Sometimes and will even shop. She will pull a bolt off the shelf and say "Hmmm" and then put it back and find another. It's a riot :)