April 28, 2013

KCW - Day 6 Recap

Well I made the 1 hour minimum, but not much else for yesterday's Kid's Clothes Week challenge. The hubby was off on a fishing trip and J and I had a birthday party for one of J's little friend in the morning. So that didn't leave much time for sewing. But that is ok. The little munchkin and I had a good day.

I was able to finish this Violet Posey dress in top length. You may notice that this is the culprit of Day 5's sewing stand of. Well see the seamstress will always win. Take that culprit! And wait until you see the matching ruffle pants that is going to go with it! They are literally on the ironing board in a state of almost done... today's first project.

Well I am off to get what I hope to be a ton of sewing done. Talk to you guys tomorrow.

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