April 27, 2013

KCW - Day 5 Recap

Well Day 5 was not the greatest day. A tired, not feeling well little one clinging to my leg all day made it quite difficult to get things done. I did manage to get one item sewn, so at least I was able to erase something off my board. Oh the feeling of wiping something of that board... 

When I finally had time at night to work on sewing all the sewing gods were telling me to get out of the sewing room. I mean seriously! When you have to take apart the same piece 4 times for four different reasons it may be a sign that you need to get out of the sewing room. You will find a picture of the culprit bellow. Here she lies and here she will stay until she can decided to act right. Ugh!

The culprit! 

So I spent the rest of the evening sewing on some buttons and working on some hair pretties. I do not have time to snap photos as we are headed off to a birthday party. Hopefully Day 6 will go better :)

Enjoy your Saturday! 

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