May 23, 2013

Hope for OK

Well according to my husband, we should not go to Disney for a while. The first time we went the Boston Marathon was bombed and this last time we went a tornado devastated Oklahoma. My heart breaks for the people affect by both of these terrible tragedies. I am reminded at how precious every day we have here on earth is. I thank the Lord for these wonderful times in our lives and I hope the people who were affected are able to once again feel that they are experiencing wonderful times soon. 

Two groups that I am a part of on Facebook are organizing ways to help out the survivors of the Oklahoma tornado. I will be participating in both and wanted to share them with you. 

First is an auction at Create Kids Couture. They will be auctioning off items donated by shops and individuals. 100% of the proceeds will be donated to the Red Cross. Bidding starts tomorrow. Please take a look at the many, many items up for auction and see if there is anything you like. Help and shopping at the same time... awesome! This is the link to the photo album. 

Photo: The plans for the Oklahoma Charity Auction have been finalized! We have been humbled by your response- this is going to be a great fundraiser!

The auction will run from this Friday, May 24 until Wednesday, May 29. We will continue to accept donations through that time. All handmade donations (ready to ship and custom orders) will be accepted, and all proceeds will be donated to the United Way of Central OK. Please include shipping as part of the starting bid amount.

To help, please enter your information into the following google doc:

If you would prefer to email me instead, that would be fine. Please send the following information to
*photo of item
*size if RTS, size available if custom (please be able to send the item off in 2 weeks)
*normal cost (use Etsy average if you do not have boutique)
*starting bid

Here are the two dress I am donating:

The other is by a new blog called Pattern Revolution. They have organized a way to send handmade outfits to little ones in Oklahoma. 

 photo c7c2818e-7ebd-4a09-abb2-8924cdc85361.jpg

I will be sending these three dresses:

If you were affected by either of these tragedies, know that our thoughts and prays are with you.

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