March 18, 2014

Button Storage Improvement

If you been around for a while, you know that I have a love for all things button! And long ago Miss Amy over at Brownie-Goose (you know my favorite pattern designer) posted a picture of all of her buttons lined up by color in these adorable little baby food jars. I mean it was cuteness overload. And then I remembered all of these baby food jars I had my sister in law keep for me that where stashed only god knows where. So after some digging, I find those cute little jars and begin to fill them with all my fun button finds.

Fast forward 2 years and things have gotten majorly out of control. You know that button obsession means that I collect them much faster than they get used (darn JoAnn and their 50% off button sales!). They where literately taking over my ledge behind my sewing machines. Then I get an email from DecorSteals and there are these stacked lazy susans. A light bulb goes off instantly. I rush to the website and guess what... they are sold out of the 3 tier option. Of course! So what little light bulb goes off next... oh I just make my own. So off to Pintrest I go and find these pins:

      DIY Pottery Barn Lazy Susan

Off to the store I go in hunt of the items I needed (which was not an easy process as the dollar store didn't have any of it and I had to go to 3 different stores to find what I needed for a reasonable price). Then I followed the tutorial and volia!

  1. The items I used. 3 candle sticks, 5 cake pans, 2 lazy susans, spray paint, gorilla glue and epoxy. 
  2. We (my hubby helped) added the lazy susans to the bottom of two of the pans with the epoxy. 
  3. We spray painted the candle sticks. 
  4. We attached the candle sticks to the cake pans with the gorilla glue (hence the bottles of cleaners for weight). If I were to do more, I would use the epoxy for this part also. It seems to have a much stronger hold with the metal to metal. We almost did, but the epoxy was dried out by the time we got to this step. (So I would have painted first and then done all the assembly at once). 

And here is the before and after shot of my button storage. The pictures just do not do it justice! It was an unbelievable transformation! I am so in love with how everything turned out.

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