February 18, 2014

Why I've been so quiet...

Shirt design by Magic by Marcy
So you may have noticed that things have been very quite here in HootyCutie land. I promise there is a good reason. We are expecting baby girl #2 in June! We are beyond thrilled (well most of us that is... Jaycelyn is coming around. LOL)!! But the real reason things have been so quite is that the first trimester was really hard for me. I was constantly sick and could hardly keep my house in order, let alone stand for hours to cut fabric. You guys just don't know how depressing that was... LOL. So with the holidays and January being a slow month usually, I decided that a nice long break was in order.

I am finally feeling much better and I am so ready to start creating again! However, things are going to be a little different than they have been in the past. I will be doing many more ready to ship (already made) items. It is simply easier and quicker for me to make several of an item at one time than one at a time as orders come in. One of the most important things to me is keeping my turn-around time as short as possible. Having things ready to go out the door means you get them in a few days rather than a few weeks! So keep an eye out on my Facebook page as I will be posting fabric combinations there and taking pre-orders like I did with the sailboat and red dresses last year.

I will still take a very limited number of custom orders per month. So if you are looking for birthday/special occasion outfits (which you guys always have the best ideas for), please please try to remember to get your orders in at least one month in advance. Just send an email over to hootycutiedesigns@gmail.com to see if their are any spots available.

Another change for 2014... I will no longer be selling on Etsy. Due to a combination of many factors, I have decided that it is no longer the place for me. HootyCutie can now be found exclusively at http://shop.hootycutie.com.

So I hope you guys will bear with me as I get back up and running with the new way of doing things. And I'm so looking forward to catching up with you guys!

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