July 21, 2014

Kids Clothes Week July 2014

kid's clothes week

Well it's that time again. Kids Clothes Week is back.  And yes, I am attempting it with a three week old! I may be nuts, but I really love the KCW challenge. I am actually much more productive when under a deadline and the challenge lights that same fire under my booty. I am feeling ready to get back into the game full time and this will be a good trial run to see how things go with two little ones aroud.

My plan this go around is to work on some items that have been on my to-do list for far to long. For instance, J walked around with the "pony fabric" I bought for her dress for her last birthday party for days before I made the dress. She called it her blanket. So about a month after her birthday I ordered another yard to make her an actual blanket... Her birthday is in August. You read that right. Yeap, as in a month from now. Maybe I'll make it a gift this year. LOL

I have some other projects for both girls that I would like to get done, but first up I have an order for a sweet little set for a new baby boy that I'm going to make.  So look for that as day one recap tomorrow.

So stick around for a week of seeing my procrastination at it's finest. Here's hoping I do a better job at keeping up with the blog than I did last time ;)

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