July 28, 2014

KCW July 2014: Day 5, 6, and 7 Recap

Well I did complete the challenge, but I don't have much to show for it.

Day 5: I spent an hour trying to figure out what is wrong with my embroidery machine.

No such luck. I will try again soon. I have so many projects just waiting on a properly working machine. I'm more than a little annoyed (which isn't helping the repair process... hehehe).

Day 6: I cut out the fabric for J's new tent.

She loves to sleep in her tent. As much as I hate the fact that my daughter is sleeping on the floor and not in her beautiful bed, I love that fact that she will stay in it all night. Choose your battles right?

Well, the tent she was using was not really designed for constant use, and the cheap materials have not been able to stand up to the wear in tear. I found an awesome tutorial on Pintrest, and I decided now was the time.

Day 7: I made 16 ties for J's new Tent.

It really does not sound like a lot, but man was it. I can not believe it took me an hour, but it did. I hope to have the tent finished by this weekend, and I will get some photos to share in another post.

Well it was defiantly an interesting challenge. I'm glad to say that I did complete it with a 3 week old in the house. I know I didn't plan very well this go around, so I know that is something that I will do differently next time.  Prep, prep, prep... might be my new moto :)

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