July 25, 2014

KCW July 2014: Day 2, 3, & 4 Recap

I'm still here! I will admit, Day 2 was a bust as far as the challenge goes. But for a really good reason. The girls and I got a semi-surprise visit from my mom and sister. I knew they were coming, but plans changed and they arrived much earlier than anticipated. So instead of getting my hour sewing time in, I spent some awesome quality time with them. So much fun!

Even though I didn't sew on Day 2 I did make my time up on Day 3 and 4. I have had these dresses cut since before I had baby B, but I didn't get a chance to sew them up. So since my self made theme of this challenge is "complete my procrastination", this was a great project for me to finish. 

This is the Butterfly Dress (baby and girls) by Tie-dye Diva. This was a pattern that I discovered early on in my pdf pattern discovery and I truly love it. It had been a while since I made it, and I feel in love with it all over again. It is actually a pretty quick sew despite how it looks. And there are so many options that you can get several different looks.

I wish I could have gotten some pictures of the dresses on my girls, but it is pouring outside today. Not to mention J was in no mood to try anything on. Ugh! Maybe another time.

Today's (Day 5) goal is to try and figure out what my new embroidery machines issue is. I don't know what it's problem is, but it better start behaving. So I will probably not have much to show for today, so I will see you in a day or two with another recap. 

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