July 30, 2014

Our Maternity Photo Shoot - Part 1

I can not tell you how IN LOVE with these photos I am! I am so glad that I finally have a chance to share them with you. Our new little princess does not like sleep very much, and it is almost impossible to type with one hand. LOL.

The most amazingly talented Shana Beiro created these fantastic images for us. I am just so in love with how she was able to capture all the love, life, and J's abundant energy. I don't know how she does it. Wait until you see the photos of Brynlee!

I had the absolute hardest time narrowing down which photos to show you guys. There are so many amazing shots! So please excuse all the story boards... I know it is hard to see the details, but I just could not narrow it more than this. I mean look at all of them!

We have no idea why, but Jaycelyn was all about photos that day. I can't believe how animated she was. I love this series of her showing off her ballet moves. She just cracks me up.
Of course most of you are here to hear about the kid clothes. And this dress turned out far better than my imagination. I was originally going to do a pink dress, because we all know how much J loves pink. Well I had picked up this multicolored fabric simply because I loved it. When I was putting together my idea for the dress, it was just begging to become part of it.

I used the Ma Cherie pattern from Snazziedrawers. I just adore her work. Her creations are like something out of a dream. Her patterns are well written. I have many of them. Maybe one day I will be brave enough to try one of the fancier patterns.

I don't know if you noticed the heading of this post, but this is only part one. I decided that since there were just too many amazing shots and we had a costume change in the middle of it, that I would make this two post to keep it from being epic length. So come back tomorrow for part 2!

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