July 31, 2014

Our Maternity Photo Shoot - Part 2

I'm back with part 2 of our amazing maternity photo shoot. If you missed part 1 you can check it out here. There were just so many incredible images I could not make it one post. Since there was a custom change giving these images a different feel I thought why not... two posts. 

It is a total tie between the above and bellow images as to which is my favorite. I just can't get over how amazingly perfect they are. The are like something straight out of a magazine. I already knew Shana Beiro was awesome, but when I saw these images I was completely blown away. She is one seriously talented lady!

And a few more because... WOW! I made the belly band bellow, but more on that later...

And for those of you here about the sewing, this dress was created using one of my all time favorite patterns. It is the Maggie Mae by Shwin Designs. If you sew, you really should check out her patterns. They are in my top three. I of course made many modifications to the skirt, but the bodice is the same (with the exception of the lace overlay). 

I just love how this little dress turned out. But the best part of all is how much J loves it. The night of the shot, she refused to take it off. She actually SLEPT in it! And now when I let her pick an outfit, she asks to wear "fancy dress" (this one) or her "kingdom dress".

Well I hope you enjoyed a little peek into our family through these images. Up next... Baby B's newborn photos! 

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