June 20, 2013

HCD is going on Break!

For the first time in the 2 1/2 years HCD has be open, I'm going on break. I have some really big (and I mean huge) things in the works over here. And we are also taking a much needed extended vacation in July. So as a result I need to take a small break from made to order and custom orders. Trust me, you are going to love what is coming.

I will still be on Facebook and will be sure to share pictures with you all along the way. I will even try to get in a few blog posts if I can. We are headed out to my family ranch in Wyoming and we are road tripping it out there! God help us. We are either super brave or insanely bonkers to be taking our just potty trained almost 3 year old for a 4 day road trip. I'm sure it will be interesting to say the least.

Our Family Ranch 
I will be taking all custom made items out of the shop Wednesday June 26th. Please make sure you get anything you would like ordered by then. I will leave all ready to ship items until we leave to go on vacation (around July 10th-ish) at which point all items will be removed from the shop for two or more weeks. That's right! We get to go on vacation for over two weeks. I cannot wait!

So make sure you remember these dates:

  • Wednesday June 26th - no more custom/made to order items
  • Wednesday July 10th - shop is closing

I will re-open sometime around the last week of July. Which also happens to be the week that this really huge thing will be happening. So stay tuned...