June 8, 2013

Behind the Seams Weekly

That's right! I am actually posting this weeks post this week! This has been a really fun week for me. I found some fabric that I have been dying to get my hands on for a responsible price. I ordered it last Friday and had it here on Monday! I was so excited about it, I started some new items right away. And I could not be more happy with how they came out! And from they looks of it, you guys dig them too :) Both are available in the shop.

Happy Sailing Days Dress

Jolly Sailing Days
I received a custom order for a little boy romper and matching shorts for big brother which I am super excited about. So of course I had to get more fabric! Unfortunately they were out of the pink, but I have more red sailboats on the way. Let me know if you need on of these :)

Over the past weekend I worked on this super fun custom order for this adorable top. It really is too cute! And I love that she paired it with my Meringue Jeans.

I was so inspired by the to that I just had to make one for J. I have been waiting for just the right project to use this way too cute cuckoo clock fabric and this was it! I am super excited with how they turned out! There was even enough for two extra for the shop.

Cuckoo Clock Top
I even managed to try out some new patterns and created some more dresses for J. She has finally moved up a size in clothing, but her once stocked to the brim closet is looking quite thinned out. So I am having some fun restocking.

Pattern by Brownie-Goose

Pattern by Cali Faye - This one may become a RTS for the store if I can get more fabric :)

Pattern by Cali Faye
Well I'm off to work on another custom order! See you guys next week.


  1. I'm in LOVE with the white and yellow dress! You are a talented lady!!!