June 4, 2012

What a Week!

Weddings, Graduations, Fires... OH MY! It has been crazy town around here.

Photo courtesy of m.e. photography
The last weekend in May we attended my cousin's wedding in south Florida. Everything was so beautiful from the reception hall to the touching ceremony. And my cousin, Melissa, has never been more gorgeous. We are so happy to welcome her wonderful new husband, Carl, and his children into our family. Congratulation Melissa and Carl... we love you both!

As I mentioned in my last post, I was to stay the week in Sebring with my family. But due to unforeseen circumstances I ended up coming back home with my hubby. When I was leaving, my aunt said to me, "God has a reason for everything. You are suppose to go home." And those words could not have been more true. On Thursday we had terrible storms here in Tallahassee. And my in-laws house was struck by lightening. Long story short is that their kitchen caught fire. It is by God's grace that no one was home at the time, not even my sister-in-law who is a stay at home mom with two young boys. Both of their neighbor were home at the time (thank the Lord again) and 911 was called immediately. Fortunately the kitchen was the the only major damage. I was able to watch my two nephews while the rest of the family was at the house taking care of things. My aunt was right... I was suppose to be here.

The Red Cross has been so amazing through out this process from putting them up in a hotel to providing them money for food, they have handled every detail making it so much easier on my in-laws. If you have means, please take a moment and make a donation to the Red Cross.

And finally, this past weekend I was very honored to attended not one, but two graduations (very long day... hehe). My baby sister and my cousin (who is like a brother) both graduated from high-school this past weekend (am I really that old!). It was so special to watch them end such a significant part of their lives and begin the rest of them. I am so proud of them both. 
Left - me, my cousin Taylor, Shane and Jaycelyn
Right - my gorgeous sister Savana and beautiful mother
Despite all the craziness, the RTS Sale (ready-to-ship) sale is still a go. However, I think it will be Thursday (June 7th) instead of Wednesday like I hoped. I am going to get all of the pictures taken tonight and have the details ready to be posted tomorrow. Are you excited?

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