June 17, 2012

Mother's Day Photo Shoot

So when I was writing the Father's Day Photo Shoot post, I realized that I never shared our Mother's Day Photo Shoot with y'all. So better late than never right?

This photo shoot went significantly better than our ill fated Father's day shoot, but it still had it's moments. Case and point!

But we got some really great shots. These are two of my absolute favorites from the day.

And I just love the outfits I made for them. This dress is one of my top five all time favorites that I have made for J so far. It is modified from one of my favorite patterns, the Katie Top by Brownie-Goose. If you sew you MUST try her patterns! They rock. The boy's shorts are the Tree Hugger pattern also by Brownie-Goose. I just love how the shark wraps around the boy's shirts. And the embroidery on the pocket was so fun to create. I am defiantly going to have to start doing that on more things.

Did you notice the new HootyCutie tags? What do you think?

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  1. I'm liking the tags!! You need to take some up close photos of them!!