June 17, 2012

Father's Day Photoshoot

Happy Father's day to my amazing husband, and the best father my little girl could ever ask for. And Happy Father's day to all the other awesome dads out there. This above photo collage is what J gave her daddy for Fathers day for his very, very bare office at work. Can you believe these will be the first pictures he will be putting up on his walls in his office.

I would love to say that we had a wonderful time taking this pictures for daddy, but the picture to the right about sums up the photo shoot. From the grey skies (it started down pouring the second I closed my car door to leave), to the crappy focus, to that "I've had it with you Mom" look. It was really not fun at all. But I was able to get some photos from the day and we did NOT get rained on... so overall I guess you can say it was a win. And the picture bellow makes up for all the other 185 craptastic ones :)

We also took some for Pop as well. The one of J was literally the best picture I could find. Gosh she was so uncooperative!! But the baby was such a beatuiful subject. Isn't he just the cutest?! All of his pictures came out perfect. My oldest nephew did a good job although smiling was not something he was going to grant us (this was one of the rare moments).

But I did get enough pics to get the shorts listed over at the Etsy shop. These would be absolutely perfect for the 4th of July. It is coming faster than you think, so make sure you head over and get them now so you are sure to to have them in time.
Boys Retro Bowling Shorts                Girls Red Hot Sailor Shorts
 How is/did your Fathers Day go?

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