January 3, 2012

Back in Business!

Jaycelyn - 16 months
Let me start by saying Happy New Year! Hope you and your family had a wonderful 2011 and have an even better 2012.

Things have been INSANE around here! We have had so much going on that HootyCutie had to take a back seat, much to my dismay. Everyone knows how busy the holiday season is, and it was no exception for us. Family visits and parties, it is all so wonderful. But it did not leave much time for packing and unpacking. That's right... I said packing. We moved! It was very unexpected, and happened very quickly. But the unpacking process
 has been very slow due to all the aforementioned family visits and parties.

But the good news is, HootyCutie is back up and running. And what better way to celebrate then with a sale!

For one week, everything in the shop will be marked 20% off (no coupon code required). I will also be posting new items, so make sure you check back frequently during the sale.

I also hope to have several blog post up this week. There were many thing I have been wanting to share with you, but believe it or not, did not know where the computer was packed! Once I found it, the holiday season was in full swing and here we are now. So I am off to edit photos. Talk to you soon!

As one final note, I finally set up a twitter account for HootyCutie. I'm determined to find a way to not hate it :) So fly on over and follow me @HootyCutie.

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