September 16, 2013

"Pony Party"

You see that face in the picture?... That face is "Uh oh. I go pee pee." Yeap. Pee Pee! And that is not the worst of it. See that PURPLE punch. Guess what happen to it. Yeap, all over the WHITE tile floor. You bet ya! And of course all those cute little paper signs... yeap wet. Ugh.

But thanks to our amazing family, we cleaned up the disaster and got everything back together (even printed more paper signs) before the first guests arrived. So after setting up for the second time, we had a wonderful party. Jaycelyn was over the moon about her "Pony Party", and that made everything worth it.

Things had been so crazy between the Zulily order that I filled (over 100 pieces!) and our AMAZING two week vacation, that I was way behind on my party planning. I mean Martha Stewart would have been appalled by me facebook event invite! Yeap not even a real e-vite. But in the end I am so thrilled with how everything came out.

My favorite part of the whole party idea was having a snack to represent each pony. (I am so proud of my brilliance here! LOL). Each snack is what I imagine each pony would bring to a party. I mean can't you just see Apple Jack carrying in her apples and veggies from the farm and Pinkie Pie covered in pink shake and whip cream as she totes in her Fruity Shakes. (If you can't imagine it, you obviously don't have a little girl in your house. Hahaha)

And of course what is a party without dessert?! This year in addition to the every amazing Lucy and Leo's cupcakes, we also had some unbelievably awesome cookies from Tea & Curiosity.

We have had Lucy and Leo's cupcakes at every one of J's parties. They are always a huge hit and our family even asks as soon as they get the invite if we are going to have them. If you are in the Tallahassee or Thomasville, GA area, I highly suggest you check them out. Totally worth the extra 5 pounds! Trust me :)

And I was so very impressed by the cookies from Tea & Curiosity. I contacted her the Sunday before the party on the off chance that she might actually be able to get them to me in time. And I was so excited when she said she could. And sure enough, Friday morning they were sitting there on my front door step. They were all individually wrapped and then wrapped in bubble wrap. Not a single one broken. And let me tell you, they were DELICIOUS! I know I had at least 3 or 4 more than I should have. And J looovvveeed them! I can't thank Samantha enough for them. The were the perfect final touch. Did you notice how they matched J's dress!

And the ever amazing Daziy Bugz is responsible for the necklace and bracelet. Aren't they just perfect?! J wore it for three days straight!

All and all the day was wonderful and my pony obsessed princess had a grand time at her "Pony Party". I still cannot believe that she is 3! And of course here are some pictures of her in her birthday dress.

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