March 26, 2013

HootyCutie is TWO!

Well poor little HootyCutie has been a little neglected and I totally missed it's birthday! We have been crazy busy around here and doing quite a bit of traveling. We have attended four weddings this month! But we survived and have had an absolutely wonderful time this month. I would like to think that things are going to slow down a little bit, but with Springtime Tallahassee in less than two weeks, I can think again. But I wanted to take a minute to tell HCD...

I can not believe it has been two years already. My how time flies (pun intended!). And I want to tell each and everyone of you how much I appreciate you. HCD would not be where it is today without our amazing mommas and there adorable cuties. So to celebrate lets have a sale. Starting today and lasting to the end of the month you can save 22% on all items in the Etsy shop. No coupon code required. All items are already marked down.

But I'm not letting the fun stop there! I will also be including a fun surprise in all packages of orders placed during the sale. And to make even more fun, two lucky orders will receive store credit coupon. So get to shoppin' mommas!

**Remember, if you are a local momma (Tallahassee), you can message me for a custom listing without shipping.

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