April 24, 2012

Sewing Room Organized... Check!

Well we had quite a weekend around here. We had planned on attending the Great Cloth Diaper Change, but instead we spend Saturday morning in urgent care :( J has cellulitis (a skin infection) on her eyelid. I am so sad to have missed out on the event yet again (last year the closet one was 2 hours+ away). However, I am glad we went when we did because it can apparently spread very quickly and can be very serious if it gets in the actual eyeball. Luckily it almost completely cleared up as soon as we started antibiotics. That's a whole different story... after calling many stores locally to find the antibiotics they finally had to use a higher strength and recalculate the amount because what she needed no one had.
But the rest of the weekend was great.
The hubbs and I were finally bitten by the motivation bug and cleaned/organized the sewing room (we have only lived in the new house for 5 months!). I think it had a little to do with the fact that I had started declutter my fabric stash by creating some OOAK (one-of-a-kind) items... well more like 2 or 3 of a kind. I am starting to prep for the Mom's Time Out event that is coming up in May (date/location TBA). I'll mostly do a post with some pictures in a week or so.
It took me FOREVER to decide how to have the room laid out! We moved things around a zillion times, but finally we removed a book shelve and brought a different one in from another room and things just came together. I happy with the final layout and can't wait to get back to sewing. The room is still not completely done, but here is what it looks like so far.

This area is my favorite part so far. The crate is an old orange crate that my mom gave me a very long time ago. I have almost gotten rid of it a few times because I didn't really have a place for it, but I am SOOOO glad I hung on to it. It is perfect to hold my yarn and has a fun vintage feel. The metal tub and an ice bucket I picked up a very long time ago at Walmart. I just love it, but it is has been stashed away for a long time only making a few appearances at parties. But now I get to look at it every day! And now I have a place to display my manikins rather than having them shoved in a corner (they are also sporting some of the items I've been working on recently). The picture was a gift from my very talented sister-in-law two years ago for Christmas. She did the needle work herself. It is the perfect accent!

The cream colored curtains would not have been my first choice since the walls are white, but we already had them. So I'm going to add a table skirt to the cutting table to add a little color to the room (and to hide those boxes). I'm loving this ruffle skirt by Velvet Strawberries but I do not know if I will be able to find the shower curtain, and I don't know if I really want to go through all the work to make one... hum, what to do, what to do?

Pinned Image
Velvet Strawberries Ruffle Skirt

I have A LOT of sorting to do with my fabric... remember those boxes under the cutting table? Yeah, there is more in them. We pulled this cube storage from J's room. Her room is getting a make over, and this white will just not do. But it is perfect for my fabric!

This was a diy project for the hubbs. Thanks babe! I stole this idea from Better Homes and Gardens. It is so much easier to find what I need than the plastic drawers I use to have to dig through! And it is a fun pop of color.

No matter what I do, my office stuff is ALWAYS messy. But I have it is clutter free as possible. Now all I need is some color on this side of the room. Time to decorate :)

The black board that you can kind of see in the left of this photo is getting cut down and becoming my thread storage. This beautiful board from U-create Crafts is my inspiration. I can not wait to get it finished!
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I still have some work to do, but I'm felling a lot more creative in this space than the way it was before! So it's back to work for me!

What do you think?


  1. Your room looks so good!!!! I just finished putting my craft room back together and I need to take pictures!! (I'm getting a few ideas from you!!)

    1. I still can't believe that tree fell on your NEW house... I mean come on universe! Good to hear you are getting things put back together. I can't wait to see it!

  2. Loving the sewing room. I am so jealous that you have your 'own' space in the house. Mine is being taken over by TOYS! Ahh!

    1. I didn't take pictures of the other side of the room on purpose! The closet is about to bust open and there is a stack to the celling of more boxes. But I am luck to have the space I have and I love it.