October 1, 2011

Getting Ready for MTO Fall Market

Things have been very busy here in HootyCutie land! I have been working very hard to get ready for my first ever event. This Sunday, Oct 2nd, from noon to 4pm at Earth Fare (on Apalachee Pwky) is the Mom's Time Out Tallahassee Fall Market. If you don't know about MTO yet, here is a little bit about it from the Mom's Time Out blog:
Mom's Time Out is a time for Tallahassee moms, their families, and others in the community to come out and enjoy food, shopping, and fun while supporting mothers in business.  Moms are busy people.  They want to
 support each other, but their lack of time sometimes forces them to just do what is easiest.  Mom's Time Out events strive to make it easier to connect with local, mom-run businesses.
I have been to all but one of the MTO events so far, and can tell you that they are well worth the trip. We always have a great time and get some great shopping done in the process. I am so thrilled that HootyCutie Designs gets to be a part of this great organization. And I can not wait to be a part of my first event with them (which happens to be my first ever as well).

I have been working hard on creating my fall designs (which you can check out in these previous posts: Holiday Dresses; Matching Boy & Girl Outfits; Football Season is Here!). Then it hit me on Tuesday... I need to figure out how I'm going to display all these creations! So I sat down with my pen and paper and started brainstorming. I had to be creative, because I don't exactly have a lot of time to get it together (this is very typical of me unfortunately).

So with my very lengthy list in hand, I set out on Wednesday. Baby J (my little girl) and I went to 9 different stores (2 of them twice)! It was a very long day. But since is was the only day I had available to run errands this week, it had to be done. And it paid off. We got everything we needed.

Once we got home (the second time... we had to return mid afternoon for nap time and then go out again), I set to work on organizing my plentiful booty. Things to put away, things to wash, things to make. After dinner I started my painting projects. I picked up some old pictures from Goodwill. I was not concerned with the art themselves, but the frames they were in. I got three frames for $26. I also got some particle board/plywood from Home Depot. They will actually cut things to your measurements if you ask. I removed the art work and glass from the frames, then spray painted them. I painted 2 of the particle boards with chalk board paint. And now I have two chalk boards! For the third one, I covered the particle board with some fabric, added some hook and eye screws and twine, and now I have a display for my hair clips. I am so excited about how these turned out!

On Thursday, I worked on the layout for the tent. Here is a rough idea of what I came up with. And yes I was doing this in the dark (the only time a mom has to work on anything). You are also getting a preview of some of the items I will have available at the event.

So I hope you will join us at MTO Fall Market. The weather is going to be fantastic. There is no better way to spend a beautiful Tallahassee afternoon!

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