March 2, 2012

Recent Custom Orders

Things have have been good here at HCD. My daughter is officially sleeping in her own bed. And with the new bedtime, I have a little more free time. But the real exciting news is that it is March! March is one of my favorite months of the year. It might have something to do with the fact that my birthday (and my husbands) is this month. It is also the month that I opened HootyCutie Designs on Etsy. So I have been planing  some fun things to celebrate including a sale and a giveaway. So stay tuned...

On to the custom orders:
This just might be one of my favorite brother sister combos I have created so far. This tiny little damask pillowcase dress made for a soon to be born little lady was just too much for my ovaries. But what I really loved was the tie and vest tee for big brother. It came out so great. Such a perfect combination.  

This order was made for one really luck little girl. I have made the brown dress for a previous custom order, but these are my first "plain" pillowcase dresses I have ever made. They were made to match outfits her brother already had. There is just something so beautiful about the simplicity of these dresses.

Next up is a reversible dress. The other side is the citron and grey bird cage dress that was on the reverse side of my Valentines Day Easter dress (see pic bellow also). But the customer found this really great fabric for the other side. It came out really cutie.

Last up is 2 sibling outfits (really 3 if you count the reversible dress). These were two dresses from the shop (the paisley bird dress is still available at the shop). But add a matching tie and you have some really adorable matching outfits for your little ones. Perfect for those family portraits.

What do you you think?


  1. Love that damask print and colors. What a sweet combo :)

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE it all!!! My favorite is the gray bird cage dress!!!

    1. I just ordered more of that fabric! I was so excited to find more!