March 23, 2012

Birthday Central! - Recent Custom Orders

It has been birthday party central here at HCD. In addition to celebrating HootyCutie's one year anniversary, March is also my husband's (10th), our nephew's (13th), and my birthday (15th) (we also have 3 other extended family member birthdays between the 9th and 17th... what is it about March!). So we have been doing a lot of celebrating around here! It also seems like the requests for dresses for birthday parties are also rolling in. 

Me and J at the party
picture by Marcy
First up is a dress I created for a very special cutie to wear to her brother's 1st birthday. It is a new sewing pattern, and I am loving it. I will defiantly be designing something for the shop with this pattern soon. And we actually got to go to this amazing birthday. This adorable little birthday guy and his big sis belong to my friend Marcy (you know... the creative genius behind my logo and tons of invitations!). You just have to go check out her blog posts about this charming little man tie party! You can find them at her Magic by Marcy blog and at her new educational blog, Simply Sprout (there is a ton of great educational activities that I highly suggest checking out!)
Pictures take, collage created, and amazing party by Marcy
Next up is a set of two "matching" pillowcase dresses for best friends to wear to a birthday party! How fun is that. The Florida Gator dress is using a different fabric than what I normally use, but I love how it came out!
Last in our birthday party round up is this sweet little pillowcase dress for a little cutie turning one! I love the bright colors and the whimsical feel. I love, love, love doing custom orders with you awesome mamas. You are so much fun to create for!


  1. Noodle your stuff is so super cute! You are so talented and i am so happy that this is all going so well for you! If not before i will see you at my wedding! I love you and miss you guys everyday!!

    Melissa :)

    1. Thank you Melissa! Can't wait to see you at the wedding!