March 31, 2011

How's it goin'?

Well that is a good question! It's hard to say. I have finally been able to get some times posted, but boy has it be one thing after another. I finished 6 owls to be posted on Sunday and Monday. That was good.
But then the fun really began.

First, on Monday I was trying to set-up my Facebook account. Boy do they know how to make things difficult. I spent almost 3 hours trying to figure out how to navigate as me and as HootyCuite. It was so frustrating. But the good news is I THINK I know what I am doing now :)
So since I had all these owls and several other crochet items complete, I decided to go ahead and take some pictures on Monday. However, with all the wonderful Florida rain storms, it was a very wet affair. So pictures would have to wait till Tuesday. So as I am going to put the camera away, I drop it!
Good news... I caught it by the neck strap. Bad news... I caught it will my pink nail. Bring on the pain and blood... so now fun!

So now it's Tuesday. The rain subsided enough for me to get out in the back yard and finally get my pictures taken. The photo shoot when great and I got some really great shots. I put all of the pictures on the external hard drive where we keep our digital files and delete them from the camera card. I decided to switch computers so I unplug the external hard drive, break out the handy dandy net book, and start working on my first Etsy post (YEAH!). I do some research on creating a successful listing. Make my listing and arrive at the picture upload page. Uh oh... the external hard drive will not open. Ok, no problem, I will just switch back to the other computer. Umm, still no luck. So I have my husband look at it. Well apparently when my daughter yanked it off the computer on Sunday that was not good for it. We now have to take it for data recovery and pay like $250 to get our files back! It is worth it because ALL (and I mean every single one) our pictures are on it, but I have defiantly learned my lesson. We will so be enrolling in some kind of on-line back-up once our data is recovered!

So now it's Wednesday. Time for the repeat photo shoot! That's right, I'm back out side in the damp grass taking the exact same photos as the day before. Luckily my little girl loves to sit on a blanket out side and play. After the photo shoot I was finally able to get some items listed on Etsy (yeah yeah).

And today is Thursday. Boy am I glad tomorrow is Friday. It has been a crazy week (it is the first week back from Spring Break at school and my students are nuts!) and I am in need of a weekend in the worst way.

Needless to say, I am very excited that I finally have some listings. So head on over to the Etsy shop ( and take a look!

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  1. Oh my goodness - all the delays!! Glad you got everything up and running!! Your pictures are looking WONDERFUL!!!! I see your shop being very successful! I seem to lack time to make/take photos/load them to Etsy! ha ha! and I don't have a baby! Keep up the good work!