November 3, 2011

You Asked for It!

First, I want to say sorry for being MIA for a bit. Things have been a little crazy around here. Between football games, lots of orders (awesome!), an unexpected visit from my mom (Yippee!!), doctors appointments, and finding out that we have to move AGAIN (this will be the third time in 5 years!), I have not exactly had a great deal of time to blog... and my facebook page has been very neglected too :( Oh, did I mention I'm planning a baby shower for my sister-in-law too (so excited!). But despite it all, I did find the time to create a much requested special item.

I've had several requests for a Thanksgiving/Christmas dress. My first thought was, "Um... brown and orange, red and green... they don't really go together". Because the bow on the back of the dress is visible from either side, both sides need to coordinate. I could have changed to buttons, but I just love the bow closer. Not only does it help to make the dress slightly adjustable so the dress can be worn longer, but it is just plain cute!
But the requests kept coming. So my next thought was, "I've got to try to figure this out." So off to the store I went, and this is what I came up with:

Sorry for the crappy photos ;)

What do you think? If you love it and gotta have it, you better order soon. Thanksgiving is right around the corner (where has this year gone!). Turn around time is a week and a half right now.

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